The Need For Life Insurance

For most people the overall objective of life insurance is to maintain standards of living for their dependents on the event of their death.

Life insurance is overlooked by many people, with two in three people in Britain having no life insurance cover other than to cover their mortgage.

Life insurance is a simple means by which you can plan for the future, giving yourself peace of mind that your family will be financially secure after your death.

This site provides information that can be used to help you decide whether you need life cover, and if so what type of cover is most suitable and how much that cover should be for.

Everyone’s circumstances vary, but you might consider life insurance if you have any of the following ‘outgoings’:

  • Paying off a mortgage
  • Paying off loans and other debts
  • Family income needs
  • Emergency funds
  • Family education costs
  • Estate costs
  • Possible inheritance tax

Before committing yourself to life insurance cover it may be worth checking your employment benefits at work as some employers include life insurance as part of your employment package. Also, if applicable, check your company pension scheme as some provide a pension and/or lump sum for your family after your death.

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